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A guy named Samon is very popular with the girls. Yuki, Hinata, and Momo love him... but not as much as Rosa!  Take on the role of a high school girl named Rosa, and prove your love to Samon in the love thriller "Creepy Creepy Love"!

A shockingly true-to-life* visual novel with interactive mini-games using the computer keyboard! This game challenges you, take it and prove you're a true gamer!

The outcome of the story depends solely on your decisions! One mistake and you have made a fatal mistake! Take responsibility for your actions, at least in a video game.

*All characters and events described are fictional. Any coincidence with real people or events is purely coincidental. This video game contains scenes of violence and foul language. The game is not recommended for the under-aged and mentally unstable. The game is not meant to be a role model or propaganda of any kind. The developer is not responsible for any of the player's actions after playing the game.

This minigame is part of the MIND CONTROL Bloody Renaissance game. You can find out more about it on my Twitter feed.
Mind Control trailer:

The MIND CONTROL Bloody Renaissance demo version is available on Steam. If you are interested in the game, please add it to your wishlist. Click on the picture to go to the site. ↓↓↓

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Site: www.byyoni.tk

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreAction, Fighting
TagsComedy, Creepy, Horror, RPG Maker


Creepy Creepy Love_1.4.zip 170 MB
Creepy Creepy Love OST rip.zip 76 MB
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did play through the current steam ver. demo recently on stream, fun little title! enjoyed esp the battle part! :) (the timestamp is already set so that you can view this demo's playthrough)

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Thank you so much for playing the game. I've been working a lot on the combat system, so I'm especially happy to hear that! By the way, in addition to fights in the game will be another gameplay tied to exploration and action. So I assure you that the full version will be able to surprise you more than once.


 u shall see...

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I hope you enjoy the game!

Valentine's cards from Rosa! Her love is scary!


This game is insane! Best half hour of my life. I will be waiting for the sequel!!!


Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game. I've already announced a sequel to Creepy Creepy Love. I think you will like the new game too.



more waifu fights pls

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Hello, tomorrow I'm going to announce the sequel to Creepy Creepy Love. Don't tell anyone about it  (Just kidding, tell all your friends about it). Thank you for looking forward to the new game.


thats great news, this time it could have a defeat scene too


I absolute love the feel of this game. I wish it was honestly longer. I would definitely donate if you made some similar longer in the future


Hi, I'm currently making some video games in the horror genre. These games I plan to release this year. All of them are weird and contain a lot of unconventional designs. One of these games is Mind Control a 5 hour demo of which I'm preparing for release now. You can support me on my Boosty (Boosty is the Patreon equivalent). I publish a lot of exclusive content there. Click here ↓↓↓


So is the boy's name Samon or Simon? who knows great game!


Hi, the Creepy Creepy Love character's name is Samon. Whereas in my game Mind Control, one of the main characters is named Simon. I got the names mixed up a bit during development... but it's no big deal. After all, according to the Mind Control storyline, the game Creepy Creepy Love was developed by Simon Odley.


Ah it's alright my dude spelling mistakes happen sometimes.


I really enjoyed this game. It was super fun and schlocky. 

I do have a critique though. I think if you only kill Hinata at the end, there should be some different dialogue where Rose would try to claim self defense since Hinata did try to kill Rose.

That being said, I LOVE the artwork, each and every facial expression was amazing. 


Hello, I'm very pleased to hear that you enjoyed the game. As you noticed I really like to draw funny grimaces.

I don't think what Roza did to Hinata can be called self-defense. If you disarm someone with a knife by knocking them out and then stabbing them a hundred times, you can't call that self-defense. If you find yourself in that situation, don't ever do that.)


ah fair enough

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Thanks for playing the game. As awful as things are in this video game, it's just a video game. I believe that games are designed to give the player a safe experience. With video games, we can touch horrible things in a safe way without having to experience all the real pain and responsibility of our actions.


👍 :>


I felt nostalgia for the screen that reminded me of old adventure games, especially the gradual display of the characters.

Thanks to that presentation, I could predict that a scene would come when the character's face would change leopard-like, but even after preparing for that scene, I was still blown away by the scene where Momo's face changed leopard-like.

And the characters were all cute, yet creepy--very good!


Hello, thank you so much for playing my game. I haven't played a lot of old adventure games, but I'm very interested in them. The fact that my game evokes nostalgic feelings in you makes me very happy.

I hope you will enjoy my next game very much too.


Ого, новая игра! Скоро заценим

Напиши потом как впечатления.


This game is a reason why visual novels deserve WAY more attention! Got me in the mood to make another one that's for sure. Very fun mini game, interesting story, unsettling deaths with proper use of sfx, and Hinata battle theme just shouts, "Kill!". Keep these coming!

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Thank you very much, I'm very pleased to hear that you enjoyed the game. Your review is very inspiring to me.

By the way, Creepy Creepy Love is one of the three arcade minigames that are part of my big Mind Control project. And during its development I decided to separate it from Mind Control to share it with the players and see their reaction before the release of the big game. In fact, the philosophy and design ideas of Creepy Creepy Love overlap a lot with Mind Control. However, my new game has a lot more experimental ideas and complex moral themes. And if you liked Creepy Creepy Love, you will probably find Mind Control very interesting as well.

Thank you again for playing my game.


After playing this, I feel inspired to work on a similar project! I was curious about Mind Control after checking out your website to see what else you're working on; I can't wait to play it whenever it's released!

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Glad my game inspires you.

I expect to release Mind Control in August. Until then, I want to release a couple of small games and a demo version of Mind Control. I hope you enjoy my next games as much as Creepy Creepy Love.


best love story

I cried 

Thank you I cried too... but mostly when I was making the game.


Love the style in this! Definitely gonna check it out when I get some time!

I am pleased to hear that. Play it. It does not last more than one hour.